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An extremely beautiful person, inside and out. Incredible, nice, smart, and who everyone wants to be with.
Guy #1: who is that gorgeous bird?
Person #2: oh you must mean Fiona!
by CantGetWithFiona November 21, 2009
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Fiona is name of strong Irish backround, usually blonde/red in hair colour , she's a very laid back/easy-going person but shy at first too and also very loyal, can make mistakes and bad choices at times but never ment out of nastiness, she loves to have a good time with friends relaxing and partying doh keeps her love life separate as she is a one man type of girl would never do wrong by her partner as she doesnt believe in this but she has that Irish wildness in her and quiet frankly doesn't want anyone to see her amazing sexuality when her and a partner are alone any man would live a long happy life with a Fiona on his arm, fiona's are great company and very good in helping others and given advice, she'll normally be know. As the "mammy" of her friends circle cause she looks out for every one and is everyone's bestfriend any one is lucky to be her friend as she's a good judge of character if she doesn't like you she's probably got good reason not to so worship your friend ship if you have a Fiona in your life but don't forget sometimes needs some one to look out for her
Fiona is not the type of girl you want to mess with shell let silly tings go as she's no time for childs play but bring family or friends into it and your in big trouble!
by #fiona's origin October 23, 2013
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Fiona's are the most prettiest girls you will ever meet. They are brave, powerful, adventurous, and lovable. Every girl that knows her wants to be her, every boy wants to date her. Fiona has the most beautiful bodies and sparkling eyes. Fiona loves to explore and be active. Every boy that meets her wants to be her best friend. Fiona is not afraid to step outside the box and be different.
Wow do you see that amazing girl, that's Fiona of course
by Sydneyqueen November 12, 2016
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Fiona is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is Brave, Loyal, Strong, and independent. Sh has many friends who all want to be like her, all the boys who see her want to date her and be her best friend. Fiona has an amazing body with sparkling eyes. Fiona has an amazing sense of humor and is very funny. She is not afraid to be different and think outside the box.
wow who's that beautiful girl, thats fiona of course.
by Sydneyqueen November 13, 2016
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A very beautifull lady who never lies. Many girls wish they could be like her, and guys wish they could date her. Often the coolest person in paradise. Her mother was a hippy
1. Whoa, did you see that sexy momma? she's sooo Fiona
by Jonyboy December 24, 2006
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A Gaelic name meaning "white, fair, pure."
A beautiful girl. Very bright, energetic, and loving. A bit of a bragger. Can get angry quite easily sometimes, but is usually sweet. Gets embarrassed and blushes easily and can be shut up with an inappropriate word. In no way an ogre. Usually blonde or ginger. Pretty eyes. Extremely intelligent and can be quite funny. A fun girl to be around. Dresses modestly and doesn't feel the need to be a whore. Is very sexy without meaning to be. Has flaws, but is a wonderful person.
Fred: Wow, that girl is so amazing!
Frank: Her name is Fiona.
Fred: Oh, that must be why.
by blahblahyeah January 18, 2013
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a common girls name, it is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "fair, pale, white, beautiful". It's Latin origin means "wine"
"we are going to name our baby fiona"

"fiona! behave yourself!"
by queen_bee83 August 06, 2007
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