the cool and boikyn way of saying "pretty".

it's also more general, in that someone who is pretty isn't pretty in the typical sense, but instead they are pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, etc. it's like the all encompassing word for all things that look good.

while it may in writting remind you of a hip hop mogul, when spoken it sounds nearly identical to the original word. it's simply the new way of writting it.
"you're so priddy, you take my breath away"
by emmily July 28, 2006
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Any words that come out of Ben Priddy's facehole are automatically attached with a curse that jinks the subject, in turn, producing the opposite outcome.
A week before this year's NBA Finals, Ben Priddy said: I, Ben Priddy, declare and guarantee that the Celtics will win the NBA Championship in 2010 ... (with this statement, he unleashed The Priddy Curse upon the Celtics and guaranteed victory for the Lakers)
by digitalpimpx13 June 24, 2010
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A guy with a big wiener and a great personality. A beast at cornhole and probably the best to ever play sports. Perfect beard game.
by Richard fitzwell November 23, 2018
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1. A name used either in an offensive or complimentary manner toward someone who is relatively good looking.
"Priddy" being the Brooklyn pronunciation, as opposed to the standard: "pretty"

2. Someone who is incredibly good at local bar games such as pool, poker, darts, and drinking in general.
1. "What are you lookin at, Priddy Boy??"

2. "Yo, Priddy Boy over here is whoopin' our ass. he must be friends with the dealer."
by heartbreakker1990 February 5, 2010
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Get ready, neaten or tidy up. (nautical)
The Captain had the crew priddy the decks in preparation to receiving guests from the Admiralty.
by ShenYF June 23, 2022
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drew is such a amazing kid... he loves sports like football, wrestling, kickball, baseball, and also fishing. if you meet a kid like drew they have such a great personality...... hes very hot to and very smexy and very thicc. a kid name drew can also have a big peen. if you meet a kid like drew then your very lucky.
drew priddy is hella hot i want him.
by Gymnast43267 July 6, 2019
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Slang for Vice President. Likeness to that of P-Diddy
Vote for as the 2012 V-Priddy!
by Jinaroko May 18, 2009
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