1.to disrespect some one
1. she dised u so fuckin bad u turned red
2.dis shit is fo sheezy
by Jennifer June 14, 2004
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2-To insult someone; criticize. (short for "DISrespect".
I like dis chick.
He dissed me, and I'ma pull ma gatt and pop a cap into his fuckin' ass.
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
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A verb (or possibly noun) that refers to insulting or in some other way defaming someone or something.
He was dissed by someone who hated him
by Ainolketta February 20, 2005
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Referring to the city of Dis, from Dante's levels of hell. The city of Dis is the level of hell to which all non-believers, who have not otherwise sinned greatly, will go. The city is surrounded by a field containing countless numbers of burning coffins, in which the heretics lie, screaming. Limbs from non-believers are scattered around the plains, and the city itself is surrounded by thick iron walls.
The city of Dis is populated by the dead non-believers.
by CloutierFan02 June 17, 2004
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Short for disagreeable. Meaning unpleasant, upsetting, offensive or not to one's liking.
Person 1: Oh I hear global warming is actually going to make Britain colder and more rainy.
Person 2: Dis.
by JamesP123 April 20, 2010
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also "diss"; to disrespect, make fun of, fail to obey, or not be impressed by someone or something. Normally used by the dissee, not the disser; Being dissed is something to complain about, dissing is not something to brag about.
You don't like my car? Are you dissing me, man?

Don't diss me when I tell you to do something, boy.

He noshowed again, he can't diss me like that!
by Neven Mrgan January 18, 2003
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Dimensionally incorrect statement.
Idiot: "How many feet are in two pounds?"
You: "DIS!"
by bridgesandboundaries July 1, 2010
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