(friend) where are you mate?

(you) im ere

(friend) oh rite be with you in a minute
by nitro134 August 25, 2006
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word to say when you have nothing to say at all, being pestered by some a-hole on aim just toss a couple of ere ere's his way and he will back off.
<Some Jackass> So when are we gonna hang out?
<You> ere ere
<Some Jackass> Make love to me......
by Shadizzy January 13, 2003
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antiquated form of "before" or "sooner than"
LADY MACBETH: Fie, for shame!
MACBETH. Blood hath been shed ere now, i' the olden time, Ere human statute purged the gentle weal (...)
by urbandict December 18, 2007
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This one single word can actually mean "excuse me" or "can you help me for a minute" this one shortened word "ere" can mean a full question.
ere (person in questions name) can you please show me how to put a job on the system?
by Alex2011connell July 19, 2011
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-An ugly tall, gangly, girl who resembles Jar Jar Binks and has a lip that hangs. She also dances very strangely and is too nice.

-A new age code word for shoplifting at Wal-mart or Bookstores.
-Ere is so fucking annoying.

-Let's go ere some pink grapefruit body wash at walmart!!
by rweiop December 24, 2008
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Interjection. A mix of the words 'error' and 'uh oh' Coined by Sarah Peterson of Seven Lakes High School. Pronounced ur-ur
Computer: Self destruct in 5 minutes.
Student: Er-Er...
by Terrarron October 26, 2010
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A commonly used filler word, to make up for the gaps in conversation. Tends to annoy the shit out of people for its overuse, and indicates that the user doesn't have the slightest clue what they're talking about.
Reporter: "You claimed that when you receive backlash, you should, quote, 'dab on them haters'. What do you propose should be done if the haters dab back?"
Jake Paul: "Er...well...er...that's an overused meme...er...WHAT ARE THOSE?!" *Flees the scene with his gang of fuckboys*
by Mickey_G_ April 13, 2019
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