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A devine rack, that even God, Yahweh, Kamii-Sama, Buddah, Vishnu, can be proud of. Perky Nips No Sag No Cover Fees, ladies drink free before 10.

Used as a noun, trust me on this -_-
You had me at hello, angeltits
by Shadizzy June 15, 2003

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A felatious turtle, or the nice way to call a girl a skank!

All the satisfaction of putting a girl in her place,without the messy side-effects of a lawsuit or mace in your eyes.
Quit being such a goddamn prostiturtle and buy your own clothes for once.
by Shadizzy October 27, 2005

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word to say when you have nothing to say at all, being pestered by some a-hole on aim just toss a couple of ere ere's his way and he will back off.
<Some Jackass> So when are we gonna hang out?
<You> ere ere
<Some Jackass> Make love to me......
by Shadizzy January 13, 2003

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The act of getting close with your lady friend, Not the actual act of sex, but the stages leading to it.....
It's cold tonight, so why dont you come on over and wozzle on next to me...
by Shadizzy January 13, 2003

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