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Does anyone use this word anymore? If you do, you're a nerd.

And why are you looking this up on Urban Dictionary? Urban Dictionary is not an actual dictionary, you know!
Person 1: "It seems a bit antiquated to me."
Person 2: "What the fuck does that mean?"
Person 1: "Old fashioned or outdated."
Person 2: "Fucking nerd."
by Mickey_G_ April 24, 2019
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A melt who often spouts stupid and/or dumb shit.
Kanye West is such a meltmachine, have you heard the shit he comes out with?
by Mickey_G_ March 27, 2018
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Includes many traditions such as consuming sloppy seconds, opening gifts two at a time, having two trees and cooking twice as much food.

Made to prove that anything can get a sequel.
Date: Debatable, but thought to be some random weekday in mid-April.
Person 1: What'ya doing?
Person 2: Just preparing for Christmas II! The celebrations are gonna be amazing!
by Mickey_G_ April 15, 2019
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The incorrect spelling/pronunciation of the adjective abysmal, commonly used by commentary YouTuber WildSpartanz. He seems to believe there's an extra 'l' in the word.
"His acting was ablysmal" -- WildSpartanz
by Mickey_G_ April 13, 2019
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A technique commonly used in arguments whereupon someone returns to a previous point they had made and pretends what they had said after that point never happened. Used in an attempt to null arguments that have been proven wrong, to prevent humiliation or to prevent the disputer from identifying that they have made a stupid argument. Politicians frequently use this in order to prevent interviewers from getting to the root of the problematic things they say. Really fucking annoying.
"You mean to say that ALL black people are stupid?"

"Um, er, um...as I was saying, formal education in the private sector requires improvement."
"Bruh stop backpedalling dude."
by Mickey_G_ April 02, 2021
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A dangerous deep space phenomenon believed to be the result of the gravity of a collapsing star folding in on itself, condensed into a single point (about the size of a pin head) called a singularity.

Evidence was recently found for such an entity of space-time - which was proceeded to be memed to shit by Reddit. Predicted to have a shelf life of maybe a few weeks at the most.
"16 Hilarious Memes/Reactions To The First-Ever Black Hole Image" -- Buzzfeed
by Mickey_G_ April 13, 2019
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A British commentary YouTuber. Very loud and funny. The archnemesis of ImAllexx.
Kavos: "Welcome to a new episode of What's Happening Online"
by Mickey_G_ April 13, 2019
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