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The poor soul who is reportedly the victim of the infamous flaker (or flake). They have likely organised some kind of public outing or friendly get-together, only to be stood up/bailed on unexpectedly with no explanation. They will often try to find the reason for this, but is usually met with a defensive or passive aggressive response, or is just run away from by the flaker (sometimes both). Pronounced "Flake-ee"
Person 1: "As the flakee, I'm deeply offended by your flaking on brunch."
Person 2: "Er...I was super busy sleeping at the time, um, sorry not sorry" *runs away*
by Mickey_G_ April 12, 2019
A melt who often spouts stupid and/or dumb shit.
Kanye West is such a meltmachine, have you heard the shit he comes out with?
by Mickey_G_ March 27, 2018
A coat that puffs out, particularly in sections of the coat. It is comprised of synthetic fibres, allowing the user to be insulated properly.

Also called quilted jackets (due to their quilted design), these jackets (specifically black variants) have since been popularised by roadmen. Any respectable roadman would wear their puffer jacket at all times, regardless of climate.
"A true Roadman will always wear his puffer jacket. It doesn't matter if it's on the beach, or in the Sahara desert, a Roadman will always wear his puffer jacket"

-- Memeulous
by Mickey_G_ April 24, 2019
A technique commonly used in arguments whereupon someone returns to a previous point they had made and pretends what they had said after that point never happened. Used in an attempt to null arguments that have been proven wrong, to prevent humiliation or to prevent the disputer from identifying that they have made a stupid argument. Politicians frequently use this in order to prevent interviewers from getting to the root of the problematic things they say. Really fucking annoying.
"You mean to say that ALL black people are stupid?"

"Um, er, um...as I was saying, formal education in the private sector requires improvement."
"Bruh stop backpedalling dude."
by Mickey_G_ April 2, 2021
The incorrect spelling/pronunciation of the adjective abysmal, commonly used by commentary YouTuber WildSpartanz. He seems to believe there's an extra 'l' in the word.
"His acting was ablysmal" -- WildSpartanz
by Mickey_G_ April 13, 2019
The most generic person on the fucking planet. They have no redeemable qualities and probably find all these 'name' dictionary definitions to be "enlightening".

They are so boring that even their name is generic -- just like Dave, Joe, Greg, Theodore.
"Craig is boring as fuck."
by Mickey_G_ April 24, 2019
The worst fucking month of the year when it comes to memes and YouTube monetization.

You are much less likely to be monetised in January, and very often nothing of note happens. If it does, like Logan Paul's suicide forest incident of 2018, then you are likely to be demonetised due to the controversy.

Memes are also at an all-time low for the year in January, with an incredibly short shelf life and low in spiciness. This is proven by the Ugandan Knuckles, Somebody toucha my spaghet and Big Chungus memes all occurring within the January of their respective years.

January is known to be "YouTube Hell" for many, or "Demonetisation Hell", or the "Month of the Sea of Yellow Dollar Signs".
Random commentary YouTuber: "It's a January meme. Not only will I not be able to make a funny video out of it, but I won't get monetised!"
by Mickey_G_ April 24, 2019