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"nunca" is a Spanish/Portuguese word meaning: never
Sepultura - Dictatorshit

"(...)Why did they disappear?
Why did they disappear?
Ate' nunca mais(...)"
by urbandict January 23, 2008

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antiquated form of "before" or "sooner than"
LADY MACBETH: Fie, for shame!
MACBETH. Blood hath been shed ere now, i' the olden time, Ere human statute purged the gentle weal (...)
by urbandict December 18, 2007

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Another word for bullshit
by UrbanDict February 03, 2014

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a rare breed of the noimarkius mammal. generally a nice guy and has some weird ties. in ancient Greek mythology his sack is broken by jc, a daemon; also famous for pouring boiling coffee over an enemy, burning him and scaring him for life. the modern evolved 'version' of the noimarkius is addicted to Facebook. scientists believe that in the near future, the noimarkius will turn to a path of medicine, similar to his brothers; some however say that this is just a primitive act of 'copycat'.
the joelnoimark fancies zs.
by Urbandict February 04, 2013

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