A commonly used filler word, to make up for the gaps in conversation. Tends to annoy the shit out of people for its overuse, and indicates that the user doesn't have the slightest clue what they're talking about.
Reporter: "You claimed that when you receive backlash, you should, quote, 'dab on them haters'. What do you propose should be done if the haters dab back?"
Jake Paul: "Er...well...er...that's an overused meme...er...WHAT ARE THOSE?!" *Flees the scene with his gang of fuckboys*
by Mickey_G_ April 13, 2019
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Common word used by the mad Michaels lads in 1st years usually used by keelan Coogan on pato to say he is sexy beast
Er pato

Thanks coogs ya mad mongo
by Keelan Coogan April 14, 2023
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Associated with the students from a certain ssuthside school in Dublin which shall not be named(you know who you are!) Basically means: Oh!My!God! that thing you just said/did was SO stupid/random. Also can be used to express disbelief at people/knackers.
Er you pov...get some wealth!!
by Robert O' Connor-Keavney April 7, 2005
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Er is a person with beautiful personality and are so kind.
Person 1: “She’s so nice!”

Person 2: “Yeah such an er.”
by Mike.oxlong June 3, 2020
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Ee, Er, Ers
is a gender-inclusive, third person singular pronoun, referring to a human person without gender reference. In other words; it adds to gender-referenced He/She (S/he), His/Her, His/Hers; and some times replaces them, to produce the pronouns that refers to a genderless (gender-neutral) third person singular.

He Ee She,
His, Er, Her
His, Ers, Hers

I, you, He, She, Ee, It
We, You, They

My, Your, His, Her, Er, Its
Our, Your, Their

Mine, Yours, His, Hers, Ers, Its
Ours, Yours, Theirs

It basically adds one more pronoun to the common English language pronoun-count table, changes it from 8 to 9.

This gender-neutral possessive and personal pronoun combination was originally invented by the American feminist National Organization for Women (NOW), in 1970’s; as a means to remove and replace the use of common gender-referenced personal pronouns (He, She …). Their argument was; the use of any gender referenced pronoun in the modern world of gender equality is completely unnecessary, since both genders are 100% equal.

But unfortunately, their view was not received warmly and was rejected by the masses. People thought that, in the pursuit of their quest for gender equality, they went overboard when they intended to erase and remove any gender related references from the English language. Evidently their efforts failed miserably, since no one has stopped using the gender-specific pronouns anywhere in the world, even after NOW devoted many years of lobbying and many millions of dollars of funds to this lost cause.

Nevertheless, there are many instances in-which any English writers might intend to refer to a third person singular without a gender reference; not because of the aims of NOW, but because what they are referring to, in their specific situation, is truly gender neutral. Prior to presence of; Ee, Er & Ers, we had no choice but to resort to; S/he, His/Her & His/Hers. Now we can simply use Ee, Er & Ers.

I was talking on the phone, when ee suddenly shouted; “the theater is on fire” and we all had to get out immediately. In confusion, for the life of me; I truly could not tell from er voice weather ee was male or female!

This book is mine, that book is yours, and the rest are ers.

by Starclicker November 26, 2008
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Interjection. A mix of the words 'error' and 'uh oh' Coined by Sarah Peterson of Seven Lakes High School. Pronounced ur-ur
Computer: Self destruct in 5 minutes.
Student: Er-Er...
by Terrarron October 26, 2010
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