A meme that was funny at first but has been used over and over again, so it becomes not funny anymore.
Person 1: I hate Jake Paul memes they're just a bunch of overused memes.
Person 2: I totally agree.
by MissionaryFreddy August 17, 2017
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A meme that has already past its best before date but is still being used.

While it can often refer to meme templates, you are most likely to come across one in the form of a YouTube comment. In fact, text-based memes are the ones that get overused and abused the most often.

When a meme is overused, it is most likely valued for its disposability and effortlessness in conveying a message (rather than trying to come up with something original).
Examples of overused memes:
- Among us, Amogus, sus, etc.
- "hold my beer"
- The versatile nobody: format
- "Is this a Jojo reference?"
- Drakeposting and its variants
- and much more
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian December 18, 2021
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A meme that was funny at first but now is annoying. ex.
- Ohio jokes
- Your mom jokes
- Deez nuts jokes
Person 1: "This place is so weird, I want to leave."
Person 2: "Yeah its Ohio all over again!"
Person 1 "Thats such an overused meme"

Overused memes/jokes are common and mostly used by 8 year olds or people too old to realize its outdated.
by gh0st1q February 13, 2023
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