To be injusticed to; to not be choosed at; to be rejected; past tense of inequality (not equal)
Person 1: Im going to pick this fork over this knife
Person 2: That's unfair
Person 1: What do you mean?
Person 2: The knife is being inequalitied at!
by pigeongriaffegirl October 3, 2018
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The situation which occurs in a relationship where the male feels aggrieved by always having to give in to the female whenever a situation arises. Typically occurs where the male has very little say in a relationship, or where the female is over-bearing. The result being that the males testicles are generally kept in a jar beside the female’s bed.
The inequity of David Guest and Liza Minelli's marriage.
by Slams09 April 6, 2009
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A naturally occurring part of civilization; just like education inequality (e.g. not everyone has PhDs), hair color inequality (not everyone is blond) and location inequality (not everyone lives in a city or a two-story house).
Often used by leftists, moonbats, and the Obama Administration and like-minded as class warfare to drum up division and anger among citizens.
Malcolm got his MBA after five years of work experience and is now earning $150k a year at his new job. Tina dropped out of college, where her major was Women's Studies, and is stuck with a $30k a year job. Income inequality!
by bizsmack January 15, 2014
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When a CEO earns more than 300 times in a day what many of their workers earn in a year, or when the top 0.1% owns as much as the bottom 90% of the population.
The immoral wealth inequality is proof of pure hypocrisy by billionaires and CEOs, who never fail to point out that they’ll give away most of the wealth after their last heartbeat.
by Covido August 24, 2022
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And what (exactly) are you going to do about the inequity of getting pussy? Or do you just want to nitpick which inequities you force people to make equal as a matter of convenience? Because if we're forcing people to give up what is theirs for the purpose of redistributing it to those who get less of it; then we can take the pussy that retards are getting too much of and give it to me. For equality. I can get behind that. If not then go fuck yourself commie.
by Hym Iam December 5, 2020
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When mostly corrupt or undemocratic developing countries blame the rich nations for hoarding the vaccines and expect them to fund their vaccination needs on moral grounds, as few could afford to buy them for their own citizens—when beggars become choosers and accusers, and donors are viewed as hoarders and betrayers.
WHO argues that vaccine inequality threatens global Covid-19 recovery, but avoids to address the root causes for the poor health systems plaguing most developing nations.
by MathPlus April 18, 2021
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It's a social fact that no neocons, or extreme right wing adict can accept, because they're commited to think a little bit more about the social scenery in which they live. This social fact can be explained as a unequal distribution of social opportunities, where individual socioeconomic status/background has a real influence and determines which of them you are able to reach
USA can be characterized as a very unequal society, because there is a high level of socioeconomic inequality between the uppper 1% and the rest of people
by chilean social researcher January 11, 2012
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