I've run into a difficulty upgrading my hardware.
by The Grammar Nazi February 27, 2002
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The setting of a device, usually used when asking someone to increase it.
Hey, crank up the difficulty on the radio.
by Daniel Ippolito March 29, 2004
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When someone is on easy mode. Life is easy, everything goes their way, and nothing is there to stop them.
Man, I'm tired of these females always livin life on that recruit difficulty.
by Chimachima December 23, 2017
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A term to describe games that have enemies that are too powerful to be killed even through intelligent gameplay and the player must resort to cheap tactics and exploits because the enemy cannot be killed in a straight up fight due their health and damage surpassing the player's. The difference between artificial difficulty and real difficulty is that real difficulty can be overcome through intelligent gameplay such as planning out how you will attack a group so you will not take any damage, being patient, and being cautious. Real difficulty is achieved through enemies that have intelligent abilities that the player must learn and learn to avoid while artificial difficulty is achieved simply by raising the enemies' damage and health.
Skyrim on Master is artificial difficulty. Enemies are no more intelligent than normal, but have double health and damage.
by chiller678 April 6, 2013
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Whenever you have trouble trying to communicate clearly with another person of different ethnicity.
Guy 1: my supervisor almost fired me when that Mexican dude didn't understand that we don't sell tacos.
Guy 2: what did you tell him?
Guy1: that we were having some ethnical difficulties.
by medicalmechanica June 16, 2011
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A fallacy that claims that "a more difficult method of doing something is objectively better than a simpler method of doing the same thing".
An example of the appeal to difficulty is when you submit a Python-related question on Stack Overflow, only for the first answer to be a cuck chiding you for not using a more difficult language like C or C++.
by yammock November 30, 2021
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Video games that don't offer difficulty settings lower than intended difficulty omitting less-than-skilled players from enjoying the author's creation till the very end.
Player A: I paid $60 for a game I really wanted to enjoy! But because of the difficulty gate I'm not going to be able to finish this!
Player B: Have you tried getting better at the game? Screw difficulty gate, git gud!
Player A: Don't talk to your mother like that! You know I'll never to be able to do what you can do!
by KnightimeX October 21, 2017
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