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1) A word that, by definition, means for EVERYBODY.

2) A situation where a woman, a black gay guy, and a straight white male walk into a job interview and the person with the most experience, references, and credentials gets the job.
1) Person A: I agree that equality is important, but don't you think our gender should be given special privileges?

Person B: No way, equality is for everybody, not just us.

2) Person A: So, who you gonna hire for the accounting job?

Person B: Probably whoever has the most experience, references, and credentials.
by Simple_As_Sun July 29, 2011

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A word that you'll get ten different definitions for if you ask ten different people to define it.
Most likely, each person will be 100% sure theirs is the "one true definition," and that all all other definitions are false.
Marcie: Vicky asked me whether or not I'm a feminist.

Kyle: What did you say?

Marcie: I asked her which definition of feminist she was using. There are millions of them.
by Simple_As_Sun July 24, 2011

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