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1) An irritating concept that gave rise to algebra equations.

2) An ideal shared by many downtrodden citizens across the globe that all men deserve the same treatment regardless of differentiating factors, such as race, religion, gender, weight, physical and/or mental abilities (or lack thereof), income, personality, looks, etc.

2) Very likely nonexistant in a purely practical sense.
1) Correct the inequality.
2) All men are equal.
3) Some are just more equal than others. (-George Orwell)
by Unbridled Scissors September 30, 2004
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1) A word that, by definition, means for EVERYBODY.

2) A situation where a woman, a black gay guy, and a straight white male walk into a job interview and the person with the most experience, references, and credentials gets the job.
1) Person A: I agree that equality is important, but don't you think our gender should be given special privileges?

Person B: No way, equality is for everybody, not just us.

2) Person A: So, who you gonna hire for the accounting job?

Person B: Probably whoever has the most experience, references, and credentials.
by Simple_As_Sun July 29, 2011
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The belief that all people are equal in every way regardles of sex/gender. In reality the only way to acheive this politically correct policy is to discriminate against white males. Hence contradicting it's true meaning.
One job position left at the local fire department.

Qualified white male applies

Unqaulified black female applies

Unqaulified black female gets the job, in the name of equality.

it's equal cant you see?
by bob7890 May 15, 2008
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An illusion that people think they have control of. Many think that they need to be equal to each other so everyone can have equal chances at things, but they also believe that they are their own special little person. Aside from almost directly contradicting themselves equality would drown the complication and surprise of your life, it is necessary to a "fulfilled" lifestyle. Furthermore, you don't need to have the same amount as everyone else, you need the amounts needed to be happy. In many circumstances these are low amounts. Especially with money.
Socialist: I really wish our leader believed in equality so no one is in complete governmental dominance.
AcidAimCat: I really wish that there were no government sometimes.
by AcidAimCat March 08, 2017
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6 in Supreme Mathematics

the state or quality of being equal, meaning to deal equally with all in existence
Equality is achieved by teaching others Knowledge and Wisdom, and making it understood through Understanding.
by LiquidSwords October 12, 2005
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People with high diversity brought in to make everyone equal(ly miserable)
"It was such a nice neighborhood until all these equalities moved in" - Priviledgy Shitlord
by BrokenHeartedLiberal May 09, 2018
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