what you say to something far fetched that only an idiot would belive
Jacob- I am currently a professional tennis player and has 3 supermodel girlfriends.

Eunice- Umm... Nice Try! Do you take me for a fool?
by emekablue July 9, 2009
(v.) A phrase used as a response to another's unworthy chance at a come back when called out.
Levi - "Your complete dork dude...."
Slice -"Yeah, nice try. Why don't you try and think of something innovative you chumpaholic."
by fuckerIdid! April 29, 2003
An expression used when someone fails to execute a task that should be well within their skill level. Typically heard from parents at sporting events.
Nice try! After a U15 soccer player fails to score a goal from close range or an unguarded (open) net.

Or When a High School softball/baseball player allows a fly ball to fall (or bounce) out of their glove.

Or When an uncovered receiver drops a well thrown ball in the end zone.
by Sparkurton June 8, 2015
When someone tries to get information about your firearms in Canada for unknown reasons.
Potential RCMP" hey guys heres a useful tool to catalog your firearms"

User " nice try RCMP "
by NotTheRCMP March 13, 2017