end of the convo
Luke: aight man, peace
Q: kool homie, keep it one hundred (100)
by tip drill March 12, 2008
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a one-hundred means what is your motto for life. you are 100% you and you live by this.
"What is your one-hundred?"

"Get rich or die trying"
"I dont start fights, i end them"
"Makie whoopie, generate income"
"Knife fights and smoking blunts"
"slay ladies for money"
by daunte the security guard January 12, 2010
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originated from the "one" a phrase used in place of goodbbye,shows seriousness,used in the movie "belly"
person #1: yo, i found the guy that robbed you last week.

Person #2: fo real?? aight i got my piece and i'll be there in five minutes.

person #1: aight one.

Person #2: one hundred.
by jaytee October 20, 2005
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1. 100 having sex with each other

2. My future birthday party

3. The wildest shit ever

4. Best night ever

See also: threesome, sex. and orgy
Person 19: OMG! It's SOO HOT IN HERE
Person 66: That is NOT my hand
Person 2: Oops, sorry, that's supposed to be up your ass!
Person 79: WTF ARE WE DOING?
Persons 1,43, 34, and 100: a ONE-HUNDRED-SOME!
by ihateurmom June 22, 2010
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A rebuke for doing or saying something rash or thoughtless; also clumsy. Originated from something costing this exact amount being roughly handled.
Chad throws a bottle of hot sauce to Mike and it splatters all over the carpet. "One hundred dollars!", Mike yells.
by Dr. Kaos June 17, 2008
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A term for money and resources lost in the failed colonies in early America, particuparly life casualties, causing the stock holders to merge with successful ones. Any collateral damage to invested money, public health, including the environment, by risky ventures by corporations that don't have successful foresight in the initial stages of a project.
There's always a risk in the business of making easy cash, so plan for the expectation of the initial merchant one hundred .
by DagmarDiPotino September 21, 2018
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