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Any kingdom or demi-democracy that encompasses people of multiple races (by ruling thier area, NOT by immigration) all accountable to a central government where one person takes the title of emporer.
* Abyssinian Empire ( - 1974)
* Akkadian Em­pire
* American Em­pire (1898-)
* Arabian E­mpire
* Athenian Empi­re
* Austro-Hungarian Emp­­ire (-1918)
* Aztec E­­mpire (1375-1521)
* Brazilian E­mpire (1822 - 1889)
* British Emp­­i­­re (1066-1997)
* British Raj (1858 - 1947) (Imperial: 1877 - 1947)
* Byzantine Emp­­­­ire (-1453)
* Central African E­­­­­mpire (1977 - 1979)
* Chinese Em­­pire
* Danish colonial empire
* French Empire(1804-1815, 1853-1871)
* French colonial empire
* German Empire(1871-1918)
* German colonial empire (1884 - 1918)
* Ghaznavid Empire
* Gupta Empire
* Haitian Empire (1804 - 1806)
* Holy Roman Empire (843–1806)
* Incan Empire (1200-1533)
* Japanese Empire (-1945)
* Khmer Empire (802 - 1462)
* Kongo Empire
* Korean Empire ( - 1919)
* Macedonian Empire
* Magadhan Empire
* Majapahit Empire
* Mexican Empire (1822 - 1823, 1864 - 1867)
* Mogul Empire
* Mongol Empire (1206-1405)
* Persian Empire
* Portuguese Empire
* Roman Empire (31 B.C.–476 A.D.)
* Russian Empire ( - 1917)
* Ottoman Empire (1281-1923)
* Sassanian Empire (224 - 651)
* Serbian Empire
* Seleucid Empire
* Spanish Empire (1492-1898)
* Swedish Empire
* Teotihuacano Empire
* Vietnamese Empire ( - 1945)
by Kung-fu Jesus July 29, 2004
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Word loved by brilliant British indie band Kasabian, the name of their second album and its title track. Much stronger word than cool, could mean any of the following:
Fantastic, brilliant, amazing, incredible, immense, etc.
"The atmosphere last night was fucking empire."
by Hollenbubble October 30, 2006
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A carpet company with a 110 year old virgin as the spokesman. Always shows annoying TV ads that piss people off. Always shows an animation showing the stupid ass spokesman installing carpet it a piece of crap house with people singing "Empire!!!!".
I bought some new carpet from Empire.
by Dudeo November 28, 2005
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1. The personal domain of a single individual. Usually a collection of possessions or property which form a vast, impressive, and usually expensive group.

2. An enormous business, corporation, or other institution which controls many subsidiaries.
1. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to sell the corner store someday. I guess I'm just afraid of losing a piece of my empire.

2. I like using Windows even though I dislike supporting the Microsoft Empire.
by Jon-jonMC September 17, 2005
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Actually it is just a place ruled by an emperor. Sometimes they are used incorrectly e.g Red Empire in Eastern Europe, the Persian Empire e.t.c

It is often used now to define one country which forces other countries to serve it by force and oppresion, this I would not put as a correct term as it includes superpowers and would therefore make this term invalid.
Rome was the first true empire as the term came from the military title imperartor
by Zues May 29, 2004
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a network form of power that stretches globally, made up of various elements, or nodes, the primary being supranational institutions, major capitalist corporations, and the dominant nation-states of today.
Hope lies in the smoldering rubble of Empires.
by the_multitude April 16, 2008
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