Don't write a definition if you've never been there
- Largest city in the nation, NYC
- Lowest obesity rate, New England
- Lots of history, Philly, DC, and Boston
- Richest state, Connecticut
- Two of most populated states, NY and Florida
- Kickass beaches, NJ, Florida, Carolinas, Rhode Island
- Top 6 smartest states all on the East Coast, Vermont Massachusetts,Connecticut,New Jersey, Maine, Virginia

Ignorant Person: East Coast sucks!

Me: What part?

Ignorant Person: idk, I've never actually been there....

**This isn't a diss to west coasters, I love California, I'm just saying we deserve more credit than we get as a region****
by Jersey Kid January 29, 2008
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Land of compact, cultured urban centers like New York and Boston that make the most use of land and sprawl the least; seasons; a region with the lowest crime rate in the country (Northeast) and a region with the highest rate (Southeast); and many areas of enduring scenic splendor. The West Coast is nice, but can't compare.
The East Coast, though slow growing, still attracts international immigrants and people from other states in droves.

On the West Coast, immigration is the only reason that California's population increases; while Californians leaving California are the only reason that Oregon and Washington's populations increase.

The Elf doesn't know what he's talking about.
by Teh truth will ownz j00 January 9, 2006
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The best part of the U.S. Innovators in music (jazz, punk, hip-hop), architecture (see New York and Chicago for more info), culture (Metropolitan Opera, Boston Symphony Orchestra, CBGB) and more). Birthplace of the American movie industry (headquartered in New York and Chicago before it decamped for LA). Hated and envied by the inferior West Coast, which doesn't have an original idea to its fake-tanned anorexic bitch-ass du-ragged empty head.
What the East Coasts creates, the West Coast steals. Don't forget your roots.
by Teh truth will ownz j00 October 4, 2005
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1.Long, broad region of United States that goes from Maine in the north to Florida in the south. When most people think of the east coast, they think of the area between Boston and DC. This is one of the most industrialized regions of the US besides the rust belt streaching from Pittsburgh to Chicago via Ohio and Indiana. The region contains some of the most prestigious universities in America as well as a lot of history, but is controlled mainly by socialists and is not fun to walk outside in the summer in this region due to the heat and smog.
The one thing the east coast has going for it is it is the east coast--- consequently, it is also its main down point.
by Not so super DJ Gennady June 28, 2003
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The states on or near the Atlantic ocean. The most educated part of the United states, with the Ivy League schools throughout the Northeast, and several high ranking private Univeersities in the Southeast, like Duke and Clemson. Way better than the West Coast, because it is much more down to Earth and much more populated. Also, the east coast beaches are contraty to popular beleif, much better than the cold, smelly, crappy sanded, west coast beaches.
The East Coast get's a bad rap, yet is the best and biggest part of the country.
by dammitismyword June 12, 2005
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If you have not seen almost every state and city on the East Coast than why the fuck are you critizing it? The East Coast Streches from Maine to Florida. Some main cities are, Boston, New York City, Newark, Philly, Charleston, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, just to name a couple. We have the smart New Englanders, the Rich New Yorkers, Kickass New Jersey, Amazing Philly, CRUNKED Atlanta, Hot Miami, The Carolinas and everything else. If your from the West Coast your either, a plastic, fake tan, hollister, whore. A homosexual that likes to rollerskate. A ghetto ignorant retard. Or a Complete weirdo. All the West Coasters have is California. Oregon and Washington suck ass. EAST COAST IS THE BEAST COAST.
West Coaster: We are the best part of America.

East Coasteer: That's why you only have one good state. Wow California might be good but we have Boston, New York City, New Jersey, Philly, Atlanta, Miami, and everything in between so fuck off.
by King of NJ October 13, 2007
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