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(v.) To enter as a nuetral party into a debate and use maturity to settle both sides to a compromise.
He can make this stormy sea calm again...
by Kung-fu Jesus May 8, 2004
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There are no hostilities toward you (singular or plural) here, treat this place as if it were your own. When used to unknown females, is often a smarmy indication that she will be molested.
Come in, young gypsie girl traveller, make yourself at home.

*rapes the young traveller later that night*
by Kung-fu Jesus April 30, 2004
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(n.) Island group off the coast of Argentina. Commandered by Britain in 1834 as a re-fuelling post for down under and the south americas. Owned by Argentina for a short stint in the eighties, until Thatcher sent in the Royal navy and some sea harriers to destroy thier sorry military.

The correct term is "The Falkland Islands".
Ay-ay-ay! La malivinas! Ingles! Ay-ay-ay!
by Kung-fu Jesus May 8, 2004
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A half-baked thoery that the USA could do as the fuck it liked. In practise, it got land and the begginings of an empire by paying for it before it started a revolution against the European powers that owned it. When the USA did try and annex Canada, a small number of the British army and a few thousand Canadians beat off the United States, leaving ti with the option of the treaty of Ghent, which didn't give them any land concessions (as opposed to the British-Canadian forces, which never intended to make any, so handed back all taken land without grudge) nor did it make either side any richer. As a courtesy, the Royal navy ended impressing.

When the united states wanted to start an empire, it went after a weakened spanish empire, which was on the brink of freeing itself. When the USA again attempted imperialism in south america, it was having a little trouble with fallen power Spain, so decided to pay $20,000,000 to buy a few POS nations that would have revolted in a few years anyway. Wow, isn't that clever? Obviously, these places have since gained independance. Quite possibly the worst empire ever...
Manifest destiny was retarded. Why didn't the US try conquering outer space instead?
by Kung-fu Jesus May 2, 2004
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(n.) An announcement of intended future actions. Sounds like a homosexual orgy.
Elitist went along to the manifesto hearing, but was disappointed to discover that there was no gay orgy audio clips.
by Kung-fu Jesus May 8, 2004
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