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Two or more young people (often 7-15 year old boys) experiment with homosexual acts, including: Stripping, fondling (playing with the other's penis/vagina), masturbating themselves, masturbating the other, oral sex, anal sex, rubbing the other's penis/vagina against the other in any place, or anything else related.
Sample experimentation:

Tommy: Want to see my penis?
Jason: Yeah! Want to see mine?
Tommy: Let's go into the bathroom and lock the door.
Jason: I'll take off my shirt.
Tommy: Me too.
Jason: I'll pull down your pants.
Tommy: Then I'll pull down yours.
Jason: My penis is getting stiff.
Tommy: Me too! I'm pulling down your underwear.
Jason: Let me pull down yours.
Tommy: Yours is bigger than mine. Can I play with yours?
Jason: That feels really good! I want to mess with yours.
Tommy: This feels really good!
Jason: Can I see your butt?
Tommy: Sure.
Jason: Look at the hole!
Tommy: Let me see yours! Oh yeah!
Jason: Tommy, will you lick my penis?
Tommy: I wonder how it tastes!
Jason: Mm that feels really good!
Tommy: Suck on mine!
Jason: We can switch places and do it at the same time!

by a.non.y.mous June 28, 2007
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