Two or more young people (often 7-15 year old boys) experiment with homosexual acts, including: Stripping, fondling (playing with the other's penis/vagina), masturbating themselves, masturbating the other, oral sex, anal sex, rubbing the other's penis/vagina against the other in any place, or anything else related.
Sample experimentation:

Tommy: Want to see my penis?
Jason: Yeah! Want to see mine?
Tommy: Let's go into the bathroom and lock the door.
Jason: I'll take off my shirt.
Tommy: Me too.
Jason: I'll pull down your pants.
Tommy: Then I'll pull down yours.
Jason: My penis is getting stiff.
Tommy: Me too! I'm pulling down your underwear.
Jason: Let me pull down yours.
Tommy: Yours is bigger than mine. Can I play with yours?
Jason: That feels really good! I want to mess with yours.
Tommy: This feels really good!
Jason: Can I see your butt?
Tommy: Sure.
Jason: Look at the hole!
Tommy: Let me see yours! Oh yeah!
Jason: Tommy, will you lick my penis?
Tommy: I wonder how it tastes!
Jason: Mm that feels really good!
Tommy: Suck on mine!
Jason: We can switch places and do it at the same time!

by a.non.y.mous June 29, 2007
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where a certain person loves to experiment and try new things, because it sounds challenging, risky, and fun. Especially when it comes to sexual things.
boy: "I bet getting head while driving is fun"
girl: "you want to try it?"
boy: "I love your experimentality."
by Rockin'it December 4, 2009
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The act of performing either:

(1) a highly confidential work that you can't divulge the details of, or, the more likely alternative,

(2) a work where you've no clue what you're doing but still want to make it sound important.
Pauleena: Hey P, what did you do in the school today?
P: I did a lot of experimentationing. To be honest, I was surprised by how much experimentationing I can perform in one day.
by nish-ant June 14, 2021
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1. Something related to an experiment
2. Works of art which mold the norm into something different.
1. That laser is experimental and un-tested
2. The Velvet Underground were a band who essentially experimented with different sounds.
by Man on a Mission (MoaM) October 26, 2006
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1. a famous rapper. One of the most well known rappers, known especially for his songs, Poverty and Paranoia, both of which were number 1 songs in Ireland and the UK when they were released.
2. (of art or an artistic technique) involving a radically new and innovative style.
3. based on untested ideas or techniques and not yet established or finalized.
experimental music
experimental, first song, we're gonna do this boys
by shabirh February 25, 2021
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Another way of saying it sucks.
Artist: Note how I captured the angst of the human condition by using a mixed medium of canvas, oil, bricks, WD40 and armpit cheese.

Guy: Looks quite ...experimental.

Artist: Well fuck you too!!
by rooprect May 20, 2010
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Military slang for a "sensitive item" (ie weapon, GPS, radio) that has been lost in the field or stolen. Jokingly referred to as an Experimental MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) which are field rations.
Bravo Company lost an Experimental MRE. They're on lockdown until somebody finds them.
by robocheng December 5, 2013
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