A squadron refers to a single British Pound Sterling (£1).

Can also be shortened to Squad(s).

How much is that dutty club tonight?

Like 4 squadrons bruv, come on down.
by Mmmmmrk February 12, 2009
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The collective noun for more than one Honda Pilot (popular SUV/Soccer Mom mobile).
Check out the parking lot at the soccer game, it looks like a squadron of Pilots out there!
by DanGarPrius April 13, 2010
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A compilation of several subdivisions that are within the same jurisdiction and are given a name for aiding in the locating process.
The squadron I live in is Southvalley.
by redlssgurl February 25, 2004
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an extremely hot chick, higher on a scale of rydeda caap.
check out that squadron, she aint no doodoopop salrig
by clancy benton May 6, 2005
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A compliment used by men if they did something polite, nice, or irresistibly splendid to the other. Most men perceive it as nicer and more thoughtful than most compliments, due to it's pro-sexual attitude. Originally used The Oatmeal comic- Minor Differences.
May a squadron of vaginas find their way to your crotch by days end.
by AnayK June 23, 2010
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the proper term for "Fam Squad", used by intellectuals to refer to their group of best friends.
John: "How's it going my fam squad"

Jeff: "You stupid retard the proper term is "family squadron" holy shit get the fuck out nobody wants non-intellectuals like you here"
by Justiono March 14, 2018
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When 3 or more homies get together to kick it, for each extra homie in the squad at that point in time the hyphy movement is increased by 30% motivating the chance of dumb shit to happen and injury to occur to those involved in the squadron effect and unfortunately to those just witnessing it.
"Damn, what the fuck happened to Dillan's arm last night? That shit looks broken and he was fine before I left."

"Joey, Dominic, and Andrew came over after you left. I'm pretty sure the squadron effect took over him. Who knows what could have happened?.."
by DeltaMobb October 6, 2015
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