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information which has an existence that can be proven true through experimentation, observation, and data collection.
Your five senses gather empirical information.
by Leo July 16, 2003
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Of, or relatining to evidence accepted by empiricism. The fallacy of believing that nothing exists except what is proven by scientific evidence, of which there is no scientific evidence to prove; an arbitrary decision to to narrow the bounds of reality to the bounds of the scientific method.
"A trillion years ago we were a civilization like any other. We believed in the transmittance of souls, the Virgin matrix, the infallibility of Pi Squared, looked upon prayer as a regenerative feedback to the Great Programmer, and so on and so forth. But then skeptics appeared, empiricists and accidentalists, and in nine centuries they came to the conclusion that There's No One Up There At All and consequently things happen not out of any higher plan or purpose, but--well, they just happen." --Stanislaw Lem, from "The Cyberiad"
by Killing Kittens May 18, 2004
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Totally radical, far out, gnarly, magnificent, outstanding
That hike though the mountains was empirical.

I feel so empirical after running.
by nbon February 22, 2011
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