An electronic device worn on a person's body that records sounds and transmits the playback to a remote receiver. The wire is usually hidden on someone who is trying to get other people to incriminate themselves in conversation. There are usually cops listening to the receiver close by, and once they hear the incriminating evidence, they can run in and make arrests.

Sometimes the "wire" is just a tape recorder (does not transmit).
Wired person: So Frankie, I heard you were behind the cop killing. Am I right?
Frankie: Why do you care? You bugged or something?
Wired person: Naw Frankie, I'm not wired. I'm just curious. Come on Frankie! You can trust me. I won't tell nobody.
Frankie: Alright, alright! Me and Big Tony waited for him at his house. Then when he came home, we gave him a blanket party. But Tony got a little rough and accidentally knocked the mofo's brains out, so we had to bury his body off the freeway by the old farm.
Cops: Police! Freeze sucker! Frank Footer, you're under arrest for the murder of a police officer!
Frankie: Mother fucker! You're wearing a wire? You set me up!
Wired person: Sorry Frankie, I had no choice. (To cop) So now that I served up Frankie, the DA will drop all the charges against me right? I'm free right?
Cop: Ha! Not exactly, since some of your charges fall under Federal jurisdiction. You'll still be spending the next 10 to 20 in a Federal Prison.
Wired person: What?!?!
Cop: Hahaha, don't drop the soap. Take them both away!
by inane5 February 25, 2005
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A jail code for passing on a drug.
(I.e-Pass the wire)
by Yo Mama February 12, 2004
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a concealed recording device worn by someone for listening in on a conversation
I don't think he had any wire for any third party to listen to.
by The Return of Light Joker August 14, 2008
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A really superly awesome band that more people need to listen to.
As in:
A: Heard that band Wire?
B: No, who the fuck are they?
A: You're such a dick.
by PatCCC April 16, 2008
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