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the basssist of the "red hot chili peppers' his real name is michael balzary..he has a big gap between his 2 front teeth....sometimes play naked live...does the voice for donnie thornberrie in the wild thorberries
Bass Player!!
by John Fru November 23, 2003

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Soad means system of a down
daron malakian-guitar
john dolmayan-drums
serj tankian-singer
shavo odadjian-bass
band was famous in 1995
and released their first album in 1998
by John Fru August 16, 2003

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A really cool song by Led Zeppelin in the 70's.Lots of people try to ruin the song by playing it backwards.the song has really nice melody.Lots of band try to cover the song(Dave Grohl,Dave Mathews Band,Frank Zappa,Red Hot Chili Peppers etc..)they cover the song but it would never match the original
And she's buying a stairway to heaven....
by John Fru August 02, 2004

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1.A Dude or Devil or Dumbass that rapes women in their sleep
2.A Cool Kick ass Band leaded by Brandon Boyd and with guitarist Mike Einziger,Bassist Ben Kenney,Turntables Dj Chris Kilmore. and Drummer Jose Pasillas.
Original line up
Brandon Boyd(singer(still in the band)
Mike Einziger(guitarist(still in the band
Alex'Dirk Lance'Katunich(Bassist(Left the Band)
Joe Pasillas(Drummer(Still in the band)
Dj Lyfe(Gavin Koppel)(turntables)(Kicked out)
then the departure of dj lyf came dj kilmore which when he came in the band made Make Yourself and then Dirk left and Ben Kenney of the roots and blackalicuous came in and they made a new album A Corw Left Of The Murder
1.Roar or something
2.Incubus kicks ass
by John Fru August 04, 2004

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a band that consists on karen o the singer nick zinner the guitarist brian chase the drummer.the band formed in new york because karen had a rocker chick friend who brang her out to clubs and met nick zinner again.Nick zinner was in her high school and nick knew she sang sad songs so nick and karen formed up to make songs but back then they made songs that were melancholic and then when they were going to have a live gig karen remembered brian chase back in her highschool that he played drums so they called brian up and asked if he could play for them and the whole band formed
the yeah yeah yeahs rule!!!!
by John Fru June 11, 2004

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Corholio is beavis's alter ego...beavis becomes him when he gets excited with sugar.....
a picture of ronald regan with a peace sign:......
Cornohlio:are you threatening me?!?!
by John Fru May 18, 2004

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Stupid flying thing
stupid moth
by John Fru August 17, 2003

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