28 definitions by John Fru

that dude in the matrix
that dude in that zelda game
some thing you click on to get transfered somewhere
link save the town asshole!
link find that computer chip before you get smacked
link that dude to www.feetman.con
by John Fru November 23, 2003
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The guitarist of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs hes a really good guitarist he plays good melodies in his songs.He could make his guitar sound like a bass.He has the coolest hair style.he has a tatoo on his left arm of a star.He has a deep voice.
Fender Stratocaster (Japanese model, circa 1985)

Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 combo amp

Mesa/Boogie Mark III combo amp

Boss DM-3 analog delay pedal

Boss DD-6 digital delay pedal

Roland Space Echo

ProCo Turbo Rat distortion pedal

Zoom RhythmTrak RT-123 drum machine

Vox Pathfinder 15 amp (for drum machine)
by John Fru June 11, 2004
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some one woh likes a band only for the wya they look so they say slipknot rules to get friends or to be cool...for example a person wears a famous persons clothes....avril lavign is a poser
avril lavign
by John Fru November 23, 2003
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Strong bads new computer...he got it after his vacation cuz his other computer broke
by John Fru November 02, 2003
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Corholio is beavis's alter ego...beavis becomes him when he gets excited with sugar.....
a picture of ronald regan with a peace sign:......
Cornohlio:are you threatening me?!?!
by John Fru May 18, 2004
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