a shorter word for people or peeps
ppl = people or peeps
by Joe April 12, 2003
A term used by twelve to fourteen year olds who are far too lazy to type out "people". These people often use u r loloz and generally anything else that slaughters the English language.

1: U ppl sux!!!1one
2: How the hell do you even pronounce ppl?
by ToHellWithYouAndYours January 24, 2007
There is a lot of ppl in this school.
by Lolopurple December 31, 2015
the abreviation for people
while texting: did u hear that ppl think I like jack?
by treesimp September 1, 2020
An annoying imbecile's way of saying PEOPLE. Mostly used by geeks and other morons who use "l337" speech.
sum ppl r reely retards 2 use garbij like this wen typing on boards coz it makes thos ppl look like tards.
by sarcastic June 20, 2003
14 year old morons generaly use this for the word "people" on their gay little instant messangers. (MSN being the most popular) It seems to be the "cool" thing to do. People, or "ppl' seem so fixed on the thought that this actually saves them time when they're typing on the computer.
lol!!!! thats sum funny pics u got ther ppl! r u still comin over 2 my house 2nite?
by A literate person October 6, 2004
ppl is a short word for people.
Most used by net freaks who tend to write so fast that they just can not type the whole word because it takes to much time.
lE+S 9E+ 8u5Y ppL . m8`+5 a1N+ 9Ot 4 PROBlEM, @19HT! m3 5M4CK j00r 4R5e IF Yh@ do
by Darcus January 6, 2003