A half gallon of liquor. It gets its name from the little handle that's always on half gallons.
by Blake April 21, 2003
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1. A 1.75 liter (half-gallon) bottle of liquor or other alcohol. Often has a handle or grip on the side for easy access.

2. One's online alias or nickname.

Note that people who use definition 1 do not use definition 2, and vice versa.
"SnYpeR2233? What kind of handle is that? Some kind of new Polish vodka?"

"Bacardi O? These n00bs are getting more and more uncreative with their handles."
by JakeStar January 23, 2006
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A 1.75 litre bottle of alcohol, which is approximately half a gallon. Usually bottles this size have a handle for easy carrying, hence the name.
Get two handles of whiskey, a handle of vodka, and some mixers and we should be good to go.
by AnonymousKain December 1, 2005
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One's online name. Often, a hacker will use a handle, and will be referred to by this handle by all his associates, to help lessen the chances of his getting caught. Also, often a privacy measure.
My handles are shinji, Cryo-man, and saihenjin. But you can call me bob.
by shinji-kun January 4, 2004
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To take care of something; to get something done
Person 1: I need to go buy groceries
Person 2: Handle that shit!
by Beech Street November 3, 2007
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1. To Fight.
2. Hook up.
1. "Hey, that dude's calling you out, you better handle!"
2. "Damn, she's hot, and she's staring you down bro! Handle it!"
by nizzlesizzlebizzlerizzleshiz August 21, 2006
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Common term used to describe a large bottle of alcohol which is usually about 1.75 Liters.
yo ill give you fifty bucks for a handle of jager!
by p-dawg from compton May 30, 2006
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