A bit slow or stupid. A bit divvy, thick, backward...
Don't be so dormant!
by Anon2 July 29, 2006
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Delayed or will be in effective at a later date or time. Is also refered to as something that is not dominant at the moment.
Jasmin's feelings for JT were dormant until he brought sexyback; they flourished when JT rocked the shaved head look.

Jasmin always loved Sobe deep down; she is referred to as a dormant Sobmaholic
by a.huynh March 29, 2007
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The strongest person ever. He is a well-known famous beast. He is the strongest person and is a living legend in a game called Runescape. All bow down to him. Everyone shall suffer the wrath and fury of him.
The Dormant, I, I stumble in your presence. Please forgive me my lord. I...I truly am sorry. Forgive me legend.
by The_Dormant February 18, 2008
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a fart that starts off as a small, deliberate fart, but then you suddenly realize that it isn't safe to fart at the moment, so you hold the rest of the fart as long as you can. When it's safe to fart, the fart will be about as loud as a fully-loaded whoopie cushion fart.
Jonny was at work, and farted at his desk when nobody was around. Before he finished the fart, his boss walked in to check on everyone. By the time the boss left, Jonny released his Dormant Fart, and everybody in the surrounding offices heard it. Including the boss.
by Overlord Oozumpti June 11, 2009
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Much like volcanic dormancy, sexual dormancy implies sexual activity in the past and sexual activity in the future at an unspecified time but a current state of inactivity.
Sarah was a slut in college, but she has become sexually dormant since graduation.
by sylvanparked October 24, 2012
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a person at a party who is reluctant to join in the fun, who sits around looking miserable; socially awkward; a wallflower.

a local term used in Chino Valley, AZ
"See that there boy sittin' around lookin' glum? What's eatin' him?"
"Shucks, I dunno, he must be a dormant seed"
by Get-R-Done November 19, 2011
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When that ass too thicc and she dress like she wants the nine incher but she acts like a lesbo
by Dormant February 8, 2018
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