1.) Slang term most often used by older women to describe the Soap Opera's they often view
"Baby, lets hurry up and get home. You know my stories bout to come on!"
by Brittany_notyourgirl August 29, 2005
What you post publicly on snapchat.

( your post will last for 24 hours)
by Chazzzzy August 17, 2017
Weird stories about either a girl that can't keep her legs closed or someone that nukes their grandma's house because she didn't give them an extra cookie
My Story Animated is weird
by Bonehead5000 September 1, 2020
is a trashy YouTube channel that CLEARLY tells fake stories.
person 1: "My Dad Abuses Me"

person 2: Dude, that is totally My Story Animated crap!
person1: Ikr? Where do you think I got it from?
person 2: My Story Animated is total crap.
by HelpMeWithMyDanganronpaAddicti December 20, 2019
A story told by someone in which they discuss their crush. The story is long and plotty, and the end is something along the lines of "and then...he touched my shoulder!" - a moment clearly exhilerating for the person telling the story, but that leaves the audience confused and expecting more from such a long winded story.
"so we went to the park on friday after the movies, and we were walking around and he bought us all ice cream from some random crazy vendor named frank, and then we were talking about his new car and its red, and then he touched my shoulder!"
by Janey and Anna and Molly June 23, 2005