An eard is a standard person, consumes supping tackle, tea, ale, butter

Has various mental and physical defects, mainly mental due to the years of supping abuse

Eards are often discovered in tarn in places such as bookies, supping oyles, tea cafe, coffee shop, butter sarni shops, parnd land, mad mix, rileys, court house, bus station, asda, turkey circle, jack fultons, iceland, quallity save, job centre, chennels

Eards have the ability to extract any such given items, council pop, tea bath, ciggies, smowks, rollies, thi shoes, your dignity your soul your livelyhood your wife your kids and any assets worth 10 bob, cock
eyup mukka ars tha doin kid tha oreyt to knock us a ciggy up cock and as tha gora leet for it

as tha got fotty pency for bus cock

we off for a sup cock

a sis thi darn ale shop old cock

mi fath wukked darn pit, n his fatha wukked darn pit so al always wuk darn pit

thick int arm strong int eard
by eard May 2, 2014
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When a ear is so hairy that it grows a beard.
Your ears need to take a trip to the barbershop, your eard is taking over.
by BudgieMuscle1 February 14, 2016
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The term used in reference to an infectious disease that one may hypothetically contract by using someone else’s potentially contaminated ear buds.
I’m not using those nasty ear buds to listen to your stupid prank call clip, I might get “EARDS!”
by Tanbeer January 8, 2019
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excessive hair on the outside of the eards forming miniature beards or 'eards'
did you see the eards on that old guy in the shop? crazy
by tommy stevenson September 23, 2009
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Ear hair that hangs out.
Not just hairy dudes have eards.

Q: Why won't these earbuds stay in my ears?

A: Maybe it's your eard.
by Dr. Orbstein April 12, 2010
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