An adverb thrown into a sentence when the speaker wants to describe a situation but does not want to reveal that it is actually true.
How would you react if I hypothetically ran over your dog while driving home?
by Danny Zeff April 30, 2008
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describes something that exists as a possibility, an unproven idea or theory. So in other words a theory that may or may not be true!
Random Person: I think Aliens are real!
Scientist: Do you have proof?
Random Person: No its only hypothetical.
by Haayven June 12, 2013
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Billy: hypothetically speaking, what if the sky was made of cheese?
Billy's mom: I don't know
by Lol I farted November 29, 2015
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Nerd : "Hypothetically, who would win in a fight between the borg, my mousemat, and batman?".
Human Race : "you will die alone without ever having experienced the touch of another human being"
by Grae March 13, 2004
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To be hypothetical. Being very exact. Always being truthful. Very true, not false. Being hypotheical, hypothetically of course.
by Chocolate925 May 23, 2015
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it means dumb slut and whore together, okay?
“you hypothetical whore
by hypo whore December 2, 2017
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When one person is trying to describe a hypothetical scenario but another person keeps contradicting their hypothetical scenario with another, opposite, scenario. Quite similar to Hypological Warfare
Guy 1: Let's say, hypothetically, I was holding a shovel.
Guy 2: Let's say you weren't holding a shovel.
Guy 1: But let's say I was.
Guy 2: But what if you weren't?
Guy 1: But let's just imagine that, hypothetically, I was.
Guy 2: But let's just imagine that, hypothetically, you weren't?
Guy 1: Stop goin' all hypothetical warfare on me, douchebag!

by MartyJuck March 4, 2010
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