also known as "crank call"
A call you make to a stranger in which you say random things.
Mrs.Funk: Hello?
Me: Are you funk-ay?
Mrs.Funk: What?
Me: Are you funkay?
Mrs.Funk: What?
. .. . . . . . . . . *dead silence*
by J. August 29, 2004
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the reason i unhook my phone every night, fuckers
i hate prank calls, i write down the number and tell the police, cause im sick to death of them
by EEwisewolf April 27, 2008
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A telephone call to a, or even a friend. The point is to cause confusion and anger, or just to let out some pent up energy or boredom. Usually people will get angry and hang up when you start annoying them, if you keep calling them back to back, that will get some laughs :D a common response is "Who is this?!?" and "You've got the wroung number!"
many accounts on YouTube have celebrity soundboard prank call to random people.
a sample from a Prank Call video on YT titled "Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a drunk (2nd time)"

Arnold: "Howdy stranger"
Drunk: "F**** you stranger!"
Arnold: "Howdy stranger"
Drunk: "F**** you stranger!"
Arnold: "Howdy stranger"
Drunk: "F**** you stranger!"
Arnold: "Howdy stranger"
Drunk: "F**** you, F**** you, F**** you stranger!!!!!!"
by Llamalover02 June 17, 2009
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When a girl already performing fellatio is surprised by another man ejaculating into her ear.
My boy steve was getting head at a party when choda boy came in and gave the slut a prank call.
by Imoja and max.biatch August 8, 2004
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When you receive a call from a telemarketer and you just fuck around with them.
Telemarketer 1: Would you be interested in buying a Shamwow for the low price of $19.99?
You: No speaka the english
Telemarketer 1: would you like me to switch you to a spanish line?
You: No speaka the english
Telemarketer 2: ¿Le gustaría comprar un ShamWow pero solamente 2.000 pesos?
You: What the fuck? Speak english you retard
(hang up)
You: Man that was a great Reverse Prank Call
by Emack44 October 15, 2010
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the alaskan prank call is a sexual stunt being used all around the world. It is when a man cums all over a cell phone, sets it on vibrate, and shoves it up a girls ass. He then calls the cell phone to vibrate to the womans delight.
hey did u hear about that alaskan prank call i gave debra? no but i heard girls really like those.
by twoguys onehorse June 25, 2009
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