To be "in the shop" means that one is recovering from a particularly brutal hangover. Usually seen lying on the bed, couch, floor, etc. covered head to toe with a blanket. Similar to putting your car in the shop for a tuneup, but your body (especially your liver) is getting the tuneup.
Todd: Hey Kevin, where's Rob? He was pretty drunk last night.
Kevin: I dunno, last I saw him he was lying on the couch covered completely in a blanket.
Todd: Oh, he must be in the shop.
by DarkRob2000 May 1, 2006
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the shopping you do when you go to the grocery store to buy your monthly supply of grocerys as opposed to just going and getting a few things to eat for a few days.
"we have to go shopping shopping again-our freezer looks pretty empty."
by thebadnun December 23, 2009
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This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.
by frothe March 31, 2008
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buying a whole lot of stuff that you don't really need
i went shopping today!
by mousey March 17, 2004
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The act of going out and buying stuff.
I went shopping for food yesterday.
by The Wraith October 14, 2003
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