Sex with a girl that is really sick. Like she has a 105 degree fever which then in turn morphs both of you into zombies.
L-man did you bang her?
G-yeah bro she was infectious.
by ToastTower January 21, 2015
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- A smile so amazing that once seen, causes those looking to instantly smile as well

- See "Aubrey Drake Graham"
He has an infectious smile!
by bdflakjeoiajgnoaekjpwo June 12, 2011
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When someone with a great smile smiles and causes others to smile just because of their smile.
Darren's teeth look so good that I just want to smile. He has such an infectious smile
by quest224 August 16, 2010
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A highly contagious, infectious woobstick. Can be caught by a human, known as woobitis.
I tried to take Barney to the doctor, but he instead impaled my earhole with his infectious woobstick and refused to go.
by limpychicken June 12, 2019
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A euphemism for "herpes" in personal ads.

see also, contagious smile
I have herpes, so I only look for personal ads that say "infectious smile".
by FredDill August 19, 2010
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A young male usually named Caleb who hands out herpes like raffle tickets. Has the alour of black rotted teeth and being a ginger kid. Basically a worthless person who has to depend on his girlfriend for money. A absolute failure at life
Have you met Caleb he's such a infectious troll. He should be the Valtrex poster boy but they wanted someone with teeth.
by Dipshit 468 February 10, 2022
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When you nut around a bunch of nerds and it causes them to all want to nut too, resulting in a nerdbang.
The infectious nut was strong last night, that nerdbang was insane and I can't walk today.
by Annoying Little Dad April 24, 2023
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