Commonly used during chat over instant messagers/forums/letters by pre-teens or teens who have no idea that "your" is being used incorrectly.
XosTuPiDa0Lt33nXo - "your stupid"
sExXxy234453526460570350753 - "no your stupid"
by unknownunknownie July 12, 2005
When your 11th grade math teacher yells at you and calls you "STUPID!", then you realize that your own teacher is 6ix9ine calling you STOOPID.
hey jonah your stupid
by use code 69 November 4, 2020
1. A retard's spelling of the phrase 'you're stupid'.

2. The most ironic statement ever coined.
1. Your stupid and I'm smart!

2. If you say "your stupid" then you're stupid.
by Berserker24 December 6, 2010
if your name is derek and you say any of these words it means that your gay and a boofer
if derek says anything it means that hes gay
by halo2 April 5, 2005
This means the person is very stupid
usually only told by friends/family
Bruh your stupid , how do you end up putting a fork in the microwave!
by poopystinkyanas May 16, 2022