the complete inability to write legible electronic messages, such as not being able to text correctly, facebook, AIM, etc.
AK: im gna g to baothuse
me: what the hell does that mean? you're e-tarded.
by GeetSquad May 14, 2010
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Someone who has a prolofic lack of knowledge where computers and general I.T is concerned.
"Someone asked Dave to double-click the icon on the screen and he picked up the mouse and tapped it twice on the monitor...Dave, he's such an e-tard"


"no mum, I can't tell what's wrong with your computer just by listening to the sound of it down the phone- stop being an e-tard!"
by Biggest of Tones July 11, 2008
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one who cannot use email
Don't send Sally any email cause she's e-tarded...
by Sumlyn May 18, 2007
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Describing a technological process, website or electronic device that doesn’t make sense, works poorly or doesn’t work at all.
Jeff: Did you check out that cool site I was telling you about?

Heather: I tried to log in twenty times and it kept sending me to random pages. That site is e-tarded!
by electron100 June 1, 2010
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A condition which causes a person to rely on the internet for almost all of their daily needs, in effect becoming completely useless without it.

A condition which results in a person having no common sense and/or knowledge other than what is available to him or her on the internet.

Condtion which is self-inflicted by an e-tard.
"It's been 8 hours... get off the computer or you'll be come e-tarded!"

Whisper to a friend: "That guy at the party was glued to his Blackberry... Is he e-tarded?"
by Barefoot Wildchild December 22, 2009
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having access to internets & not knowing how to do a damn thing with it.
Wendy has had access to the internet for over 5 years & she still doesn't know how to use facebook or myspace. She is so e-tarded.
by bb0bbby January 8, 2009
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