A Half-Life 2 comic based on the events of Half-Life 2. It began Sunday, May 1st, 2005 by Chris Livingston. The main character is Gordon Frohman, based off of Gordon Freeman.
Gangsta 1: Damn bitch I heard about this site called hlcomic.com
Gangsta 2: The fuck it called?
Gangsta 1:HLCOMIC! its about this really stupid person named Gordon Frohman and there's tons of comics.
Gangsta 2:Damn bitch why didn't you tell me that before.
Gangsta 1: Well sometimes i call it concerned but who give a shiznit homie?
Gangta 1: Damn bitch I did now move out muh way homie.
by Dave A. Sparrow July 26, 2006
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An internet message board species, who has very little in the way of education and hardly any thought control. This species is a rarity that is subject to scientific behavioural problems.

Humans are advised to pleasure such a species with humour and sarcasm, as facts and honesty are not absorbed by this concerned species.

If you happen to meet the species concerned away from an internet message board, then I do declare that be a miracle.

Praise be the Gospel according to Concerned, chapter XIV, verse 3 and a quarter.
by LJ Love United Hate Glazer January 5, 2007
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posh term describing with much sarcasm tha you couldn't care less originated in
stimulating conversation.
"wat time u pickin up that chik"

"ha that item i'm concerned"
by muti muti October 15, 2004
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Traditional definition: involving or referencing something or someone.

Current definition: to be a cause for concern.
Traditional: Myra and her mom had a discussion concerning her grades at school.

Current: Myra's low grades are concerning. She'd better talk to her mom about getting a tutor.
by BornBlitzed April 3, 2017
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When somebody or a group of people react with concern towards something. This could be shown by somebody physically registering concern by using their body language like facial expressions, by a person or group of people talking about how concerned they are about something or by somebody or a group of people acting concerned towards something.
The father's face registered concernation when his son told him he was being bullied at school.
The volunteer group showed great concernation for the refugee group.
by Joshthealmi9hty August 18, 2021
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Concerned Parent- "Mrs. Smith, I was just so concerned about the pot that I saw him smoking. So I just thought I would do the Right thing!"

Mrs. Smith- "Thank you so much, I will ground my son as soon as he gets home!"

by The Grounded Pothead March 21, 2009
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Adj. Used to describe someone who is full of concern. One who often takes others into consideration. They are concerned of how others are feeling at all times.
Sean- "I was debating transferring, depending on your consent."

Kelsey- "I appreciate your concern about my feelings."

Sean- "I am a concernful person."
by stugilligangriffin February 23, 2010
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