Someone whose brain is fried from taking too much E.
"Don't roll every weekend or you'll become an e tard"
by raver1981 August 1, 2006
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1. A retard (idiot) with an electronic device and/or capabilities (such as a cell phone or a PDA)

2. A virtual retard (someone who acts like an idiot online)
"will someone take the cell phone away from the e tard before he hurts himself!"

Bob: yea John was being an idiot on AIM last night
Tom: He does that alot, that's why i blocked him
Bob: yea he's such an e tard
by aparanoidbw December 17, 2006
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This is technically someone who is not proficient at e mailing, or any communication using the computer.
I kept getting blank e mail messages from my mother-in-law, I called her and she said she's sending pictures, she's such an e tard!!!
by Lisahere November 3, 2006
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When a person takes the drug extasy and lays down to sleep instead of dance.
Man that pill was lame all I did was chill all night,I hate when I e tard.
by lil miss April 14, 2006
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(Adv.) A state of mental confusion and severe short-term memory loss that follows in the wake of an ecstasy bender. One who is E tarded often exhibits the characteristics of being stoned. There is some debate as to whether e-tardedness is caused by ecstasy itself or by the effects of being awake, undernourished, and dehydrated for 24+ hours.
Sam: Hey Ann, you wanna call a cab?
Ann: Hm? My cellphone. What?
Sam: Jesus Ann, you're totally E tarded. Where's your cell?
Ann: Uh, what were we just talking about?
by Luciano Del Purgatorio June 22, 2006
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Someone who is stupid from overuse of extacy
Or someone who overuses it.
"Beth is totally an E Tard ... "
"You're turning into an E Tard"
by T.ShNooKs August 21, 2006
Get the E Tard mug. who is still feeling sketchy off the effects of ecstacy.

2.those who are retarded due to excessive use of ecstacy.
1.when i wake up in the morning and feel a crazy afterglow from the rave last night, i feel e-tarded.

2.those e-tards in the corner of a rave that stand around like dumbasses talking about nothing and giving eachother massages.
by pinky July 1, 2004
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