sending me is the equivalent to “im screaming” or “i literally cant”. its basically when something that has little to no humor in it but you somehow manage to laugh at it
“the picture of pete davidson walking on the streets after ariana grande kicked him out is SENDING ME
by missxokunt November 20, 2018
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When one person says something super funny. Used as a response.
by Newnon April 22, 2019
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To burst out with laughter
“The part when her wig gets snatched sends me every time”

“Bitch, when she got dragged and screamed; that shit sent me flying out the window
by A large April 10, 2018
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This term is used as a way to go to someone's house.

If you wanted to go to a girl's house you would ask her to send you the addy.
(Addy is a shortened term for address)
Send me the addy, let me come through. Let me get with ya, just me and you.
by TheAddyObtainer November 27, 2018
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#1 Hit for Sam Cooke in 1957.

It describes a feeling of love so deep, it takes you to another world.
Darling you send me
I know you send me
Darling you send me
Honest you do, honest you do
by Rob March 20, 2004
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As in you're sending someone off, playing with them, set them up to make them think you're going to do something; but don't really end up doing it.
You never came to the mall like you said you were going to, you be sending me off.
by RaeRaeLove October 15, 2013
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i) Please share your stuff with me.
ii) Give me what you have.
iii) Give me your bag of Doritos (only used when around Jamal, Bubba, and Tyrone.)

This phrase is only used in the ghetto, most commonly by black people or sad low life white people who are unsure about they're identity and insecure.

You will most likely hear this phrase in the ghetto, e.g. BRAMPTON, ON
Scenario 1:

Jamal: yo nigga send me some poon yo
Tyrone: yeaaa bredjan send me some poon
John Smith (the white guy): No, good sir. She is my wife.

Scenario 2 (in prison)

Bubba: send me yo chipz bitch
Denroy: naaaaaaah B.
by Mardep July 14, 2008
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