A woman who comes to clean the house each week day.
She is usually employed by upper/middle and upper classes
My mum used to have lengthy conversations with the daily
when they were having their mid morning cuppa.
by St. Ias September 17, 2005
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noun; informal
plural noun: dailys

A "daily" or "dailys" are photos or videos of one partner that are sent to the other partner, daily.

These photo's or videos consist of nudity, teasing ( including booty pics, dick pics, etc...)
Hey baby, I'm going to send you today's daily.

I'm going to go shower. I'll have your dailys ready for you by then.
by Coffee Gum May 07, 2018
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Carrying your cross daily.
Scott McIntosh.
Hey Check out Scotty, He carries his cross daily.

Man, Scott's all day on the daily, that's crazy.
by xxsnipeboixx April 13, 2012
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Contact lenses (daily disposable lenses)
Contact lense brand name
"There, there she goes red-eyed... forgot to take off her dailies ... or has she been crying."
by M.K. Williams October 06, 2004
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