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Yet another term designating a high level of inebriation (drunkenness).
"Damn, after drinking that fifth with Grotee, Frank was really glued!"
by Frank Klaune March 15, 2004
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To have someone (a male), orgasm (aka: cum) on your face, in a similar manner to a facial. Gluing is not necessarily limited to the face, this is merely the most common context in which the expression has been found.
Much to Mary's chagrin, her boyfriend pulled out at the very end of a blowjob (as if suggesting her was going to tea bag her), and glued her face instead.
by k@nd33 A55 February 02, 2005
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When your girl falls asleep before sex you are forced to masturbate. Just before the finish you walk over to her sweet sleeping face and shoot it all over her closed eyes thinking to yourself 'yeah that's right...fall asleep again'. Your girl wakes up but cannot open her eyes.
Last night my wife fell asleep so I glued her ass.
by Tempest7886 February 15, 2015
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When a man ejaculates onto a woman's face while taking a hot shower, in which the hot water turns the cum into a rubber cement like substance.
"Man, this chick was giving me dome in the shower, and right before I came. I pulled out and came on her face. She got totally glued"
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by Goose208 February 07, 2017
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