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when you've been up for forever on meth and are starting to trip hardcore - ie, when your face is beginning to become one giant open bleeding sore from picking at it.
"damn, i am so twacked out, i plucked until i dont have any eyebrows left."
"your pupils are so big you dont have any color in them - you're hella twacked out."
"for the last time, that is a MINIVAN, not the FBI - quit getting so damned twacked out!"
by The KKK December 21, 2004
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When you're really high on meth or when you've been awake so long smoking dope that you're totally outta there! My friend was so twacked out on dope he thought that I was a cop.
I can't understand what the fuck you're saying cuz you're talking 100mph you're so twacked out.

I was so twacked out I thought there were undercover narcotics agents in the van parked across the street.
by Bowl Roller August 23, 2010
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Being twacked out is when you're on tweak and you're freaking out. Tweak is also known as ice, glass, crank, or most commonly, crystal methamphetamine.
Person A: "Dude, chill out!"
Person B: "Man, I'm totally twacked out." (Sitting there, picking at his skin/looking out the blinds/rocking back and forth)
by Fool June 17, 2006
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A state of being very high energy and restless combined with disorientation as a result of consuming meth or exctacy pills containing amphetamines. Accompanied with dilated pupils and sometimes the desire to get punched in the face.
A: Shit, look at his eyes!! He's hella twacked out.

B: I'm so twacked out, I bet if you punch me as hard as you can in the face it won't hurt.
by Lynx13 May 02, 2010
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when someone becomes hyped up by drinking so many monster drinks (energy drinks)
that kid drank 4 monster drinks and he is all twacked out, that foo is so all over the place on a good one.
by skaterjack October 05, 2006
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