The act whereby a man pisses a woman off to such an extreme level that she goes into a violent cuntrage
eg. unanswered sms sends woman into a crazy cuntrage where she berates a man about his lack of sexual performance and vows never to call him again
by HelloKitty/Shinzlet March 19, 2006
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someone who is a total fuckin bastard, a pure unrivaled twat of a person
dave you're such a cuntrag
by rockstar March 1, 2004
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Conduct that is so outrageously cunty that it is cuntrageous.
Can you believe that cuntrageous asshole, he just felt me up!
by Olia March 24, 2008
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A derrogatory term used to describe one for whom you see no other purpose in life but to soke up liquids from the organ with the same slang terminology.
You mothafuckin' cuntrag! You're useless; I hate you.
by Suppatime April 16, 2003
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The art of complimenting someone for a job well done. The cooler and funnier way to say Congrats.
Rose, cuntrags on winning the 1M PIC.
by MMMM Beer June 4, 2009
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1. An inventive term used to refer to someone you dislike or who has displeased you. Can also be used in a affectionate fashion.
2. Soemthing which a girl crams up her cunt during menses.
1. "Hey cuntrag"
"That guy is such a cuntrag"
2. "I'll be back in five, just have to change my cuntrag", Sarah said
by Bleh Blah February 22, 2005
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A dude that looks like a Chad with fake gauges, and a small penis
Kaden is a Cuntrag, look at his tiny penis.”
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