Words spoken at a wedding which most people do not succeed in carrying out.

I vow to forsake all others
and cling only to you
for better or worse
in wealth or in poverty
in sickness and in health
until death do us part
by Norm Alman August 27, 2009
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Vowe? Vowe.
by Platapus nipple March 1, 2020
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by warlemo October 2, 2007
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A Promise or a Commitment to something that seems very important to the teenager themself. Usually taken as a regular promise during in teenage years
Peter made a teenage vow that he would try his best to get to the university that he wanted to go to.
by whitemedal September 6, 2009
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A vow taken by someone that they will not beat off (masturbate) until a goal that they have set for themselves has been achieved. It is a method of motivation, used mostly by athletes.
I'm taking an unbeatable vow until I beat Conner in a race.

I need an A this quarter, I'm taking an unbeatable vow until I do so!
by CHS XC September 30, 2010
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when the toilets are so disgusting you take a vow until there are better options in shite (sight)
have the seen the shitting situation? i'm taking a vow of shastity until i get to the nearest crapper
by jaffaw July 16, 2009
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The Vows are recited from the Büq o' Ksadowce by Korrui 13-year-olds during their Spanllas and are again recited by both bride and groom at a traditional Korrui wedding. Vows of Korrui are as follows:
"On my soul I vow
To never fight back until I or another have been stuck,
To do all within my power to keep every living thing out of pain's way,
To think of the wellbeing and not the comfort, of others before I think of myself at all times,
To never let pride keep me from gain,
To never steal,
To always repay all my debts owed once able,
To always respect every living thing as I respect myself,
To never treat any living thing as anymore or less than an equal,
To protect my chosen family,
To always choose the lesser of two evils,

To always trying too find the path of least harm,
To tell lies only when necessary in order too protect another living thing from death,

To never willingly choose to give up what I cannot bear to lose,
To never cry for things I had not fought to keep,
To never bring my own, my friends', or chosen family's downfall,
To never judge others,
To defend others from untrue accusations,
To be kind to all,
To be calm in the face of danger,
To be brave when I or others feel fear,
To be courageous in all I do,
To be honorable in the way I live and treat others."
Vows of Korrui are recited as part of the Spanlla ceremony.
by Reyna Jones December 22, 2020
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