SMS also S.M.S. (es-em-es) abbr.

1. noun. Short Message Service: a text messaging service on mobile phones.
2. verb. to send a text message over a mobile phone.
I spent my office hours SMSing everyone in my address book.
by cowinator October 1, 2003
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on a message or comment someone may write
"sms" and that means that they effectively want to or are seeing you soon
by wmn October 30, 2019
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shit myself
past tense: shat myself

when you get so excited you shit yourself
girl 1: omaygawd that guy is so hot
girl 2: i know right!
girl 1: i just totally shat myself
girl 2: haha omg hashtag sms
by legitthough November 9, 2013
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Dan: "you just been going through sms, I know your probably sad..."
Gill: " yeah I'm glad you understand..."
by Kakashisan21 March 1, 2019
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Small Man Syndrome - A small man with a big attitude to make him appear bigger.
He's an asshole because he has sms
by jackiefm April 27, 2016
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