One of the most incredible VIVACIOUS girls you will ever know. She is gorgeous inside and out and will become one of the closest people in your life because of her contagious spark of love💕💕
by Starlight2468 January 8, 2020
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A girl you would go through time and space for.
I would go to another dimension for rose
by Perseass March 5, 2015
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A girl who makes you feel as though no other girl can compare. The type of girl that drives you crazy when you leave her presence simply because you cannot stop thinking about her. Usually very comedic and sexy at the same time. Has a killer smile and is usually on the short side (sometimes very short) but still incredibly attractive. Rose is a girl that is easy going and is an amazing friend. She is a girl that likes to tease the boys she knows are interested in her but it actually very picky about who she dates and if you manage to get with her then you are one of the luckiest men on earth.
Goddamn I bet every girl is jealous of Rose.

I wish I had a girlfriend like Rose.
by DevonXD January 19, 2012
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The most beautiful girl ever. A rose has the face of an angel and when you see her eyes light up when she smiles, you can't help but smile back. She is hilarious, and loves pulling pranks.
Guy #1: Man, I gotta get me a Rose...
Guy #2: Yeah, I got me some Rose and I love her
by popcornypoo September 1, 2009
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A Rose but adds definition to her name. She’s down to earth once you really get into her depths but is extremely stubborn. Her beauty resonates within a room and is a head turner she stills the hearts of people she comes in contact with. Forgetting her would be like a slow death a Rose knows how to leave her mark. She’s often misunderstood but chooses to see the beauty in things others don’t at first. Once you get to know a Rose she instantly becomes your soft spot..she could stand in the middle of a war and stop it. She loves hard and cares more than others, the type of woman men go to war for. Very rare to find these days with a Rose who wears her heart on sleeves. Don’t be mistaken by her intimidating looks a Rose loves simple things, loves people and things who make her loudest laugh come out. The type of Rose where you would do anything to see her smile just because
Men- “I gotta get me a Rose
“Rose! Ah love
by emaj5445 December 12, 2019
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Simply put, a Rose is the sweetest girl one will ever meet. She is caring, and extroverted. She has a natural ability of making the people around her smile or the people, who she isn’t around, jealous. A Rose may come off as a bit private initially, but waiting beneath is a bright and jovial spirit waiting to blossom.

She is what so many guys may call the elusive dream girl, but it is much more serendipitous than that. Dating a Rose is breathtaking. At every turn she’ll never cease to amaze, from holding on to every word you say to contemplating long hours about ways to make you feel special. So long as she is by your side, she will hold you through the darkest of moments. A Rose keeps you going when nothing else is, a treasure pearl that makes so many things anemic in comparison. Common side effects may include an unrelenting urge to think about, see, talk to, or hold her. If this happens to you, there is no use fighting it. A Rose knows just what to say or tease to drive you crazy for her. Her touch, paralyzing. That coupled with her undeniable pulchritude will leave you stunned as to how you were ever so fortunate. Even with all these attributes, a Rose can remain humble and even cynical towards herself. But that’s ok, because you and others know the truth. So sit back and watch as your defenses fall and your cerebral stronghold overrun, after all you are dealing with a Rose here.
I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray.
Ooh, the more I get of you
The stranger it feels, yeah
Now that your rose is in bloom.
A light hits the gloom on the gray,
I've been kissed by a rose on the gray,
I've been kissed by a rose"
by AWU August 7, 2011
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Rose is the most amazing person you will ever know she has the wierdest sense of humor she is a dirty person but still so funny you cant help but ahng with her
by ANONNOMOUS March 19, 2015
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