someone who is a total fuckin bastard, a pure unrivaled twat of a person
dave you're such a cuntrag
by rockstar March 1, 2004
A derrogatory term used to describe one for whom you see no other purpose in life but to soke up liquids from the organ with the same slang terminology.
You mothafuckin' cuntrag! You're useless; I hate you.
by Suppatime April 16, 2003
A loose term to describe either undies, sanitary napkins, or menstruation. Girls may refer to "having their rags" which is another way of saying that they have their period.
The first two examples are self explanatory, they are different types of "rags" for the "cunt". The third can be used to describe menstruation in this way:

"I have my cuntrag at the moment."
by gemma jones September 26, 2006
Something used to absorb the secretions of a cunt.
That bitch was so drippy, I really regretted not bringing my trusty cuntrag.
by Jesus Campos February 21, 2003
Her cuntrag was dirty and cheesy
by hggloub April 22, 2003
a cuntrag is a fucking bitch who can't get laid.
Brett-Brett is a fucking cuntrag whore. The only men she can get are fat drunk gay men who are so drugged up that they dont even know theyre slipping it into a cuntrags cunt instead of a cockknockers anusholeplace. whattafgtfag!
by bdubya714 August 7, 2006
Conduct that is so outrageously cunty that it is cuntrageous.
Can you believe that cuntrageous asshole, he just felt me up!
by Olia March 24, 2008