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adj. used to describe a persons mood especially when they are acting like a bitch on the rag.
"Hey Tommy, quit acting so fuckin' cunty!"
by P. Walnuts April 04, 2003
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Nasty, bitchy, in the manner of a cunt.
A sneaky but less offensive way of calling someone a cunt.
Q: "Did you call me a cunt?"
A: "No, I said you were being cunty. It's completely different."
by Billy Bob P. October 11, 2006
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A word generally associated and used in gay society. It means an overwhelming feeling of self-conceit or cockiness.
Associated with many feelings, usually of being a bitch, cocky, conceited, arrogant, obnoxious and the list goes on.
I'm feeling cunty!
Ohh she is FIERCE!, cunty!
That bitch is being really cunty today...
by Neoprimal October 22, 2005
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