1. To be shot in the face with a huge load of jizz that was being held in over a period of 2 weeks.
"Damn Corey's mom really got cum blasted after that BJ last night"
by Big Jerms July 28, 2005
to get a lot of sperm on a girl's face (or guy for some you)
Jane is a total slut, she got cum blasted by Bill.
by Russell July 11, 2004
A Cum-Blast is usually considered a single shot of ejaculate emitted while busting a nut. A nut-busting may consist of several cum-blasts.
My cum-blast sent a monsterous wad of cum straight into her eye!
by theJeremiah July 4, 2005
A Mega Cum Blast is a rare technique used by alpha males to eliminate threats in close distance combat. Depending on the user a Mega Cum Blast can achieve the power of a BFG (50 caliber sniper rifle). A Mega Cum Blast has the power to eliminate any Fortnite player in milliseconds.
"Hey dude what's up"
"Just playing Fortnite"
"Mega Cum Blast!!!"
by FortniteTookMyKids69420 November 20, 2019
mega cum blast is when you non-stop cum in or on the girl and it's able to shoot a far range and you cant control it and when it comes out it will be warm and then it won't be long before it dries up
omg my man mega cum blast on me it felt so good
by tinydick12343 November 15, 2019
this is just a person that is a load that should have been swallowed and is busted as sin
the most annoying fuckin doosh bags on this planet is a prime example of a rhino's cum blast
by sal February 4, 2004