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to get a lot of sperm on a girl's face (or guy for some you)
Jane is a total slut, she got cum blasted by Bill.
by Russell July 11, 2004
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To shower a girl in loads of cum, preferably on the face but the tits will do nicely as well.
There's nothing better than seeing a hot, big-titted girl get cumblasted.
by captainmarvel September 11, 2004
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when a girl gets a whole faceload of cum, im talking 10 big shots or more.
"Damn, that girl got cumblasted!"
by Andrew Mitchell December 08, 2003
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A Cum-Blast is usually considered a single shot of ejaculate emitted while busting a nut. A nut-busting may consist of several cum-blasts.
My cum-blast sent a monsterous wad of cum straight into her eye!
by theJeremiah July 03, 2005
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when ou jack so hard that u cumshat across the whole room at a really fast rate, can be a game with friends who can cumblast the farthest
Dude i just cumblasted 20 yards..that's fucking amazing!!
by Zingo the Gringo October 13, 2006
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