Something you say when you agree with some one 100%
person one:’s 96 degrees today
Person two: damn it’s hot af out here moe

Person one:you hear me!!
by Dc nigga September 10, 2018
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Usually with people say after they tell someone something
If you leave out, close the door behind you, you hear me?
by thequelz October 17, 2013
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Nope, I can't hear you. Try asking again.
Astronaut: *Beep* Can you hear me?
G Control: *Beep* Nope. Try asking with a nicer tone.
by Sans Spiritus August 01, 2017
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1. What you say repeatedly when you're on a shitty cell phone/have a bad connection.

2. What's said in the Verizon Wireless commercials by 'that guy'.
1. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?!? What the fuck is wrong with your phone, yo?!

2. -"Can you hear me now...?"
by 4 April 06, 2005
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Based on the Barbra Streisand line - and song - from "Yentl". Used to define a person desperately seeking recognition.
- What do you think of my new orkut community, "friends that love me so much?"
- Oh, you're so papa-can-you-hear-me!
by helvetico August 30, 2006
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The next time that Verizon Wireless guy says this overrought old cliche that has worn out its welcome and was already stale before this shitty decade even began, I'm gonna throw an Ottoman stool at the damn TV and watch an electronic flash as the screen is shattered from the impact.
1. I turn on the TV. It's commercial time beings that a show has just ended. The Verizon guy whips out his cell phone. YES he says it AGAIN: "Can you hear me now?"

2. Not only can I hear you now but you're annoying the hell outta me! You'd better shut it up now!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 04, 2009
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