A word looked on up urban dictionary by those who can't spell douche properly.
Go back and type in doosh
by maka697 November 24, 2003
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The blatant & incorrect spelling of the word douche.
Sohou looks like such a doosh.

After trying to sneak his way back to the message board under an assumed identity, everyone called the poser a doosh.
by Mr. Takenocrap September 13, 2004
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The sound you make after you get punched
Hey man lets fight, no way.... :turns back:....o no!! doosh!...fuck, my lip
by Dan Gold December 30, 2004
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the sound it makes when a vinegar truck collides with a water truck
me: whoa, look at those trucks, theyre gonna crash!
trucks: doosh!
by hoboman September 12, 2003
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An onomatopoeic word to describe the sound made by a ferocious shot/header/tackle in a football game.onomatopoeia
'And Ronaldo's arriving at the far post, DOOSH!
by Hossy 1981 April 2, 2008
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A word describing the sound your body makes when it gets pushed onto a pile of snow. Also can be used to describe the sound of when you sketched out on a jump either snowboarding or skiing and hit the ground (snow) with your body.
"I was walking with my girl when out of nowhere she pushed me onto a snow bank"
"Then I got up and grabbed her face and repeatedly shoved it into the snow bank!"
by J-Money $ December 1, 2005
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